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Plenty of movies to choose from and you can pause and go back to the same movie a day or so later. Comfortable bed and an invisible cabin attendant this is a good thing who whilst being stealthy did a great job and the cabin was scrupulously clean throughout the voyage. Just a couple of little issues: the outside balcony windows were not cleaned for the entire fortnight: we had a power cut all power on the ship one night for approx.

Another night there was an emergency called through the tannoy and an assement team was sent to one floor but this was apparently a false alarm. On another night we had no water in the bathroom…. Ship General Appearance; For a ship that is only 4 years old the condition of the ship was poor.

The hull had various rust spots and we were surprised to never see anyone painting as other cruise lines do! Further to this you can see where they have previously painted as the paint is not the same colour white and therefore looks patched. If you look in the corners on the decks you will see that these areas are not cleaned properly and the Serenity Swimming Pool has some of the little tiles missing not many but they were still missing the LED strip lighting around the Serenity Pool under the seating around the pool was dropping down and an attempt to hold this up with white tape was failing as the tape was hanging down.

Functionality: The Gym was a disappointment. I cycle and wanted to keep up some fitness whilst away. Only 2 fixed bikes for over 3, guests meant that it was difficult to get on one. The only time that I did the screen did not work effectively and therefore the session was not what I needed. This issue was exacerbated by a poor administration situation. I read in the daily that there was a Spin Class the next day at I arrived at Got seated on a spin bike…..

My name was not on it. It transpires that the clipboard that I had signed to was for a couple of days later. However I did not spot this as the date was in small print opposed the title and the clipboard for that days spin class was not on the table! If it had been I would have seen that it was full and had a wait list.

Much has been written on the lift system and deservedly so. Clearly there is an issue with the programing of the lifts……but despite much customer frustration this has not been resolved.

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Brace yourselves for this as it start as a pint of amusement but it will soon beyond a joke. Entertainment: The quality of entertainment was very mixed. The theatre must have gone over their budget as they reply on the theatre company for many shows but have not yet found a male lead vocalist who can hold an audience. The staging is good with some excellent sets.

The Theatre is a pretty dull place to wait in your seat for the show to start. Other Cruise lines have waiters serving drinks missed that one Carnival Accountants and always entertain with video quizzes or videos relating to the act that you have sat down to see….

Unfortunately very few people used or sat in the room; which in turn must be so demoralizing for the live band that played there each evening. Music around the internal public areas of the ship is rationed. The Crows Nest is a beautiful cocktail bar with the best views on-board. Paul the Pianist must have been on a work to rule. If he did arrive before On at least one occasion he was late. Once he had left it took a while for piped music to be played. The Atrium for most of the early evening is pin drop quiet with no music at all.

Lets have a little bit of atmosphere….. I have already mentioned the cabin steward and the waiting staff in the Glasshouse who were worthy of an extra tip. In every other area the crew were good efficient and friendly……especially if you give them recognition and engage with them.

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I would like to say the same about the Officers but sadly cannot. We never saw the Captain around the ship….. However I could see this was not his forte as he did not want to continue to speak when I did start to engage and moved away whilst talking ……. Disembarkation Leaving the ship was well organized.

A few days before we were due to leave we received an envelope with a variety of paperwork including the baggage labels and customs forms.

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There was a very well written guide to filling out the customs forms and a prescribed time to take them to the Live Lounge for these and your passports to be checked and stamped by Barbados officials. Leaving the ship is the same as any other time and the bus was waiting to take us to the Airport Shore Excursions Curacao: we took a taxi to Mamboo Beach. This beach is man made but is a short taxi ride from the port and they arrange to also pick you up.

Whist this is man made the beach is clean and the water warm and safe as there is a breakwater that protects the beach.

Cruising Conversations, with a daring duo!

The Vibe is good and the sun-beds are reasonable to rent. Aruba; another taxi to Palm Beach. Although this is a commercial beach with large hotels adorned along the beach…. Decided to have a walk around Kingstown. Not the pretty destination you may think but rather downbeat and smelly. Great beach…. A quick run into Marigot Bay was lovely before reaching the Pitons for pictures and then onto a lovely beach. We were picked up at Our ticket price included a fruit punch small plastic cup upon arrival and a beach chair.

However a Celebrity ship was also in port and they had arrived sometime before us and taken almost all the sun-beds there were no chairs on the beach. I had to go in search of sunbeds that had not been taken and drag them to the only shaded area behind all the other sets of sun-beds and parasols. We went snorkeling to discover the underwater was dirty and littered with cans, bottles and paper. Worst still was that there is a raised underwater area that the sea grass grows on. Fun to stand on but beware as there were spiky sea urchins that would really do some damage if you accidently stepped on one.

There was no warning in the bus or at the beach. On the upside the food at the Spice Mill was good. Catamaran to 2 beaches. Have to say a little disappointing. Crew were not so interactive and dumped us at Turners Beach for 1. Not something we have seen before as this type of trip the catamaran usually stays on the beach so that you can leave your bags etc. Lunch was ok but no fruit or deserts offered. Onto Deep Bay Beach where the catamaran did stay with us on the beach.

Summary In summary we have very mixed feelings due to a number of factors that really should be improved.

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The accountants have penny pinched to a point that it manifests in the quality and service. Did we enjoy ourselves? Despite the above criticisms we did. The itinerary was good and the Caribbean Islands are wonderful.

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We ate well in the evenings and enjoyed the sea days. Kath theyer 1 Review Written.

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A bit disappointed with the Azura. Sail Date: February The entertainment on the Azura was terrible and was not half of good from last time we went on in The breakfast in the buffet was the same every day. No variation. You even had to ask for mushrooms if you wanted any which I thought You even had to ask for mushrooms if you wanted any which I thought very strange. Not a lot of people knew to ask.