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Dragonfly is a highly focused group, carrying out targeted attacks on energy sector targets since at least , with a renewed ramping up of activity observed in the last year. Conflicting evidence and what appear to be attempts at misattribution make it difficult to definitively state where this attack group is based or who is behind it.

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What is clear is that Dragonfly is a highly experienced threat actor, capable of compromising numerous organizations, stealing information, and gaining access to key systems. What it plans to do with all this intelligence has yet to become clear, but its capabilities do extend to materially disrupting targeted organizations should it choose to do so. Symantec customers are protected against Dragonfly activity, Symantec has also made efforts to notify identified targets of recent Dragonfly activity.

Symantec has also developed a list of Indicators of Compromise to assist in identifying Dragonfly activity:. Dragonfly relies heavily on stolen credentials to compromise a network. Important passwords, such as those with high privileges, should be at least characters long and preferably longer and include a mixture of letters and numbers. Encourage users to avoid reusing the same passwords on multiple websites and sharing passwords with others should be forbidden. Delete unused credentials and profiles and limit the number of administrative-level profiles created.

Emphasize multiple, overlapping, and mutually supportive defensive systems to guard against single point failures in any specific technology or protection method. This should include the deployment of regularly updated firewalls as well as gateway antivirus, intrusion detection or protection systems IPS , website vulnerability with malware protection, and web security gateway solutions throughout the network. Implement and enforce a security policy whereby any sensitive data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Ensure that customer data is encrypted as well.

This can help mitigate the damage of potential data leaks from within an organization. Implement SMB egress traffic filtering on perimeter devices to prevent SMB traffic leaving your network onto the internet.

Beyond technical understanding of the group, strategic intelligence that informs the motivation, capability, and likely next moves of the adversaries ensures more timely and effective decisions in proactively safeguarding your environment from these threats. The Attack Investigation Team is a group of security experts within Symantec Security Response whose mission is to investigate targeted attacks, drive enhanced protection in Symantec products, and offer analysis which helps customers respond to attacks.

Security Response Attack Investigation Team. Figure 1.

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An outline of the Dragonfly group's activities in its most recent campaign. Dragonfly 2. This toolkit became generally available on GitHub in late , As well as sending malicious emails, the attackers also used watering hole attacks to harvest network credentials, by compromising websites that were likely to be visited by those involved in the energy sector. Strong links with earlier campaigns There are a number of indicators linking recent activity with earlier Dragonfly campaigns.

Figure 2. Links between current and earlier Dragonfly cyber attack campaigns. Potential for sabotage Sabotage attacks are typically preceded by an intelligence-gathering phase where attackers collect information about target networks and systems and acquire credentials that will be used in later campaigns. Clues or false flags? The Phishery toolkit became available on Github in , and a tool used by the group—Screenutil—also appears to use some code from CodeProject. The attackers also did not use any zero days.

Some code strings in the malware were in Russian. However, some were also in French, which indicates that one of these languages may be a false flag.

Protection Symantec customers are protected against Dragonfly activity, Symantec has also made efforts to notify identified targets of recent Dragonfly activity. Symantec has the following specific detections in place for the threats called out in this blog: Trojan. Phisherly Backdoor.

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Goodor Trojan. B Backdoor. Dorshel Trojan. Heriplor Trojan. Listrix Trojan. Karagany Symantec has also developed a list of Indicators of Compromise to assist in identifying Dragonfly activity:.

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If you could transport yourself back a mere million years, you'd likely recognize the familiar sight of dragonflies similar to those of the present day. There's a good reason why you see dragonflies and damselflies around ponds and lakes: they're aquatic! Female dragonflies deposit their eggs on the water's surface, or in some cases, insert them into aquatic plants or moss. Once hatched, the nymph dragonfly spends its time hunting other aquatic invertebrates.

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Larger species even dine on the occasional small fish or tadpole. After molting somewhere between nine and 17 times, a dragonfly nymph is finally ready for adulthood and crawls out of the water to shed its final immature skin. Likewise, the dragonfly nymph pulls water into its anus to facilitate gas exchange. When the nymph expels water, it propels itself forward, providing the added benefit of locomotion to its breathing.

When a nymph is finally ready for adulthood, it crawls out of the water onto a rock or plant stem and molts one final time. This process takes up to an hour as the dragonfly expands to its full body capacity.

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  6. These newly emerged dragonflies, known at this stage as teneral adults, are soft-bodied, pale, and highly vulnerable to predators. Until their bodies fully harden they are weak flyers, making them ripe for the picking. Birds and other predators consume a significant number of young dragonflies in the first few days after their emergence. Relative to other insects, dragonflies have extraordinarily keen vision that helps them detect the movement of other flying critters and avoid in-flight collisions. Each compound eye contains as many as 30, lenses or ommatidia and a dragonfly uses about 80 percent of its brain to process all of the visual information it receives.

    These Ancient Insects Have Truly Surprising Qualities

    Dragonflies are able to move each of their four wings independently. They can flap each wing up and down, and rotate their wings forward and back on an axis. Dragonflies can move straight up or down, fly backward, stop and hover, and make hairpin turns—at full speed or in slow motion. A dragonfly can fly forward at a speed of body lengths per second up to 30 miles per hour. Using high-speed cameras, Scientists at Harvard University photographed dragonflies taking flight, catching prey, and returning to a perch, all within the time span of between 1 to 1. Competition for females is fierce, leading male dragonflies to aggressively fend off other suitors.

    In some species, males claim and defend a territory against intrusion from other males. Skimmers, clubtails, and petaltails scout out prime egg-laying locations around ponds. Should a challenger fly into his chosen habitat, the defending male will do all he can to chase away the competition.

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    Other kinds of dragonflies don't defend specific territories but still behave aggressively to other males that cross their flight paths or dare to approach their perches. In nearly all insects, the male sex organs are located at the tip of the abdomen. Not so in male dragonflies. Their copulatory organs are on the underside of the abdomen, up around the second and third segments. Dragonfly sperm, however, is stored in an opening of the ninth abdominal segment.