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First off, if you are unfamiliar with the Dragonlance lore, do not start that reading adventure with this book. Instead, check out Dragonlance Chronicles, as well as Dragonlance Legends. With that said, Fistandantilus Reborn is a dark fantasy with moments of levity sprinkled in.

That is expected whenever a kender is involved after all. No, this book doe It feels great reading a "new" Dragonlance book again.

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No, this book doesn't hold up to the original series but it was an enjoyable read. It holds new characters within a familiar place and an all too familiar threat. Oct 21, Elaine Reinhard rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. Keeps you excited all the way through with twists and turns! Fun read. Dec 31, Jim C rated it it was ok. My actual rating is 2. A book set in the Dragonlance realm. This is a story of how the evil mage Fistandantilus tries to reenter the world. I did not enjoy the majority of this book. I felt like the plot was all over the place and for this reason I could not get involved with the characters.

I will say that the conclusion was fantastic and I think the reason was all of the plotlines came together. Also, I think this book wasn't the best book as it had more to do with new characters than i My actual rating is 2. Also, I think this book wasn't the best book as it had more to do with new characters than it did with Fistandantilus.

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If you do decide to try this novel, stick with it till the end as the ending is worth the read. Yeah it was okay. It was all over the place at the start with so many different characters that you couldn't remember who was the kender and who was the dragon. But eventually it all came together with a stunning conclusion, it just didn't seem like it was up to the standard of all the other Dragonlance books I have read. Oct 07, Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho rated it it was ok Shelves: dragonlance , trying-to-trade.

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  6. A tale about Fistandantilus. The mage that tried to conqueror Raistlin mind but failing. It was probably besides Raistlin the most evil, and powerful mage of Ansalon. This was a nice tale to read but add nothing to the main story arc. Nevertheless nicely written.

    May 10, Devi Sykes rated it liked it. It was good. Mar 01, Bradley rated it really liked it. Truly awesome. Nice dark fantasy. Very fun. Nov 16, Daniel rated it really liked it. Was good, but needed more kender :D.

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    Clayton Conduff rated it it was ok May 01, Nathan Thunder rated it it was ok Jan 25, Chris Merritt rated it liked it Feb 25, Adam rated it really liked it Jun 23, Sterling rated it it was amazing May 24, Dan rated it liked it Jul 26, Kris rated it liked it Aug 21, Stephanie rated it really liked it Mar 18, Axereaver rated it really liked it Mar 07, Paul Pontois rated it liked it Nov 18, Jason Lewis rated it really liked it Dec 12, Debra collins rated it really liked it Dec 05, Nathan rated it liked it Aug 28, John R rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Rob Naylor rated it liked it Jun 08, Brandon Pollak rated it liked it Jan 15, Ihsan Duzgun rated it it was ok Jun 18, Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

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    Knaak , Paul B. Knaak , Dan Parkinson, Roger E. Moore , Paul B. The Dragons of Krynn. Knaak , Linda P. Baker, Margaret Weis , and Kevin Stein.

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    Baker, Janet Pack, Kevin T. Stein, Teri McLaren, J. Moore , and Douglas Niles. Baker, Richard A.

    Librarika: Fistandantilus Reborn (Dragonlance Lost Legends, Vol. 2)

    Knaak , Kevin T. Thompson , Roger E. Buraczewski, Paul B. Thompson , Don Perrin , Linda P.

    Fistandantilus Reborn (Dragonlance Lost Legends, Vol. 2)

    Baker, Kevin T. Knaak , and Margaret Weis. Thompson , Jeff Crook , Kevin T. Stein, Jean Rabe , Richard A. Knaak , Don Perrin , Donald Bingle. Thompson , Donald J. Bingle , Richard A.

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    Stein, Paul B. Thompson , and Douglas Niles. Featuring 4 novellas by R. Edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Hickman is only mentioned on the cover, not inside the book. Thompson , Jean Rabe , Douglas W.

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