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His mother says he was the brightest light that came out of the darkest day. The anniversary is still, for many, an understandably painful day. For Josh and his family, who should rightfully be celebrating, it is a day of mixed emotions. His grandfather Michael Naylon was scheduled to attend a meeting at The Pentagon and he had initially moved it from 10 September as his daughter was due to give birth. Like some ancient Romanian castles, the kingdom of Alexandria also has a clock tower.

The Darkness - Live 'Till I Die (Official Audio)

Luckily for you players, it's not very big. Castle in the Darkness is a game designed by Matt Kap, an artist, game developer and musician!

On his spare time over the last two years, he's worked on Castle in the Darkness, which is a fast-paced adventure platformer, reminiscent of older games like Zelda, Castlevania, Kirby, Megaman and Ys. For his first solo project he wanted to create something that he would have enjoyed as a kid, and thus, Castle In The Darkness came into existence! Yes, there will be bugfix updates, as well as content updates!

Please get in touch with pr strangely-compelling. We'd LOVE to hear from you!

Born From the Darkness a Loving, and Beautiful World

If you're a fan and would like to get in touch to talk about Castle in the Darkness or other games, be sure to hit up Matt's Twitter! The passing moments of the world are never the same and new visual worlds are constantly being created. Chinese characters were first carved in turtle shells and ox or deer bones, and were engraved in bronzeware.

Each character contained its own world that was conjured up by its meaning.

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