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The application form will come back online after 48 hours, and only applications from Canadian institutions with a quota will be accepted for the November 21 deadline. Applicants applying through their institution must submit their applications by the deadline set by the institution.

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The institution will review all applications received, rank them and submit the recommended applications to SSHRC by p. Institutions will notify applicants of the outcome of the institutional evaluation. For more information about institutional deadlines, applicants should contact their Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent. Applicants applying directly to SSHRC must submit using the appropriate application portal before p.

If the deadline falls on a weekend or a Canadian public holiday, applications must be submitted by the following business day before p.

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Applicants requiring assistance while preparing their application should communicate with SSHRC well in advance of their application deadline. Applications are adjudicated, and available funds awarded, through a merit review process. SSHRC bases funding decisions on the recommendations of the adjudication committee and on the funds available. The faculty of graduate studies or equivalent at each Canadian institution is responsible for coordinating the institutional evaluation of doctoral award applications. Applications whether sent directly to SSHRC or via the institutions are evaluated by multidisciplinary selection committees covering broad research areas.

The evaluation of doctoral award applications, whether by institutions or by SSHRC , is based on the following criteria:. SSHRC makes concerted efforts to include experts in Indigenous research in doctoral and postdoctoral adjudication committees. The guidelines may also be of use to external assessors, postsecondary institutions and partner organizations that support Indigenous research.

Summer Fellowships for New Public Projects in the Humanities

Results are not provided by telephone or email. SSHRC will publish the names and other basic award information of scholarship recipients on its website. SSHRC reserves the right to determine the eligibility of applications, based on the information therein. SSHRC also reserves the right to interpret the regulations and policies governing its funding opportunities.

Applicants may submit their application in the official language of their choice. Institutions must have mechanisms in place to review both English and French applications. All applicants for SSHRC funding should consult the following guidelines while preparing their applications:.

How AHRC and CHASE helped fund my PhD

Email: fellowships sshrc-crsh. Web CV, application and instructions.

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Not currently registered in a degree program but were registered at any other time during the year of application in a degree program at a Canadian institution with a quota for SSHRC. Not registered at any time during the year of application in a degree program at a Canadian institution with a quota for SSHRC. Contributions may include: publications, patents, reports, posters, abstracts, monographs, presentations, creative outputs, knowledge translation outputs, community products, etc.

Important note! Your University graduation ought not date back more than one year from the beginning of the funding period. The monthly fellowship amount is EUR Parenting fellows may be eligible for an additional EUR for childcare.

Travel Funding Opportunities : Graduate School

Verification for the latter has to be provided by the applicant. Fellowships are granted for one year. Stipends maybe extended for an additional year. Completion fellowships cannot be extended! If your spouse or husband is fully employed please inquire with the office about funding opportunities. All revenues defined as income by German tax law will be set off against the fellowship sum; i. The above amounts increase by EUR 1, per year with each supported child.

Please use the forms under "Downloads" to apply; it is very important that you follow the above instructions on application procedure specifics. You can only apply for extensions of stipends during the application period. Your application must comprise a research report and two expert reviews. Before applying, please read the act und die bylaws pdf, in German only.

In special cases, do not hesitate to ask us! Applicants should not apply without having taken all their exams.

Resources for Graduate Students

Applicants are responsible for the timely and complete submission of all requested documents! For formal reasons late applications will not be accepted. The date of online submission applies. Certificates and diplomas may be submitted within a one-week extended deadline - please enquire after the exact date! Your application will be examined by the responsible departmental committees for young researchers' funding. All committees state their assessments of the individual candidates and their projects in a priority list. Twice a year we receive 60 applications ; approximately 15 candidates are accepted.

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  • About 30 extensions are granted. Extension requests are tied to the deadlines established in the call for applications. As a rule theses cover the complete months April and October. Fellows are permitted supplementary jobs that comprise 4 hours per week. Income from the4-hour outside activity will not be set off against the fellowship sum. Per funding period material and travel costs up to EUR 1, can be reimbursed. This does not include expenses for books.

    ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships

    Please make sure to apply at least 4 weeks prior to your trip. Travel costs can only be reimbursed if you apply for support well in advance of your journey. Requests for reimbursement of material and travel costs can be submitted at any time. If approved the University conducts reimbursements 4 times per annum August; November; February; May. In urgent cases advance payments may be possible. Graduates and postdocs with German citizenship can apply for supplementary DAAD funding for research projects abroad.

    Funding can be granted for a maximum of 12 months aboad within the framework of the States' Graduate Funding program. More information can be obtained during our office hours. For scholarship holders in the humanities the Graduate School of Humanities offers doctoral candidates opportunities for academic exchance.