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It escalated so fast, from the tragic event and to Jace getting his head out of his ass. Manning up and finally confronting his past. The guilt and blame he placed on himself for his wife's death. When he finally accepted that and forgave himself, he went after Sydney and stood by her side. It was a complete from earlier. I wasn't sure if I wanted to clap or scratch my head.

As I was still reeling from what just transpired in the hospital. It was devastating. Even Jace's heartfelt speech in the end didn't completely lift my sad spirit. I felt drained by then. I promise you. I love you, Sydney White. Your touch, Your love. All the things you gave me, they healed me.

Day by day, they healed me. I was just too damn stubborn to see. I won't leave you, Sydney. I'll never leave you again.

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I love the baby and I love the family we are about to create. I'm all in, now and forever. And I know this is how it was meant to be. Every bad thing that happens is meant to teach you something. Make you stronger.

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Make you learn. I know that now, and I know although I loved my wife, you're my destiny.

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They both got the HEA after so much suffering and loss. So, all in all I would recommend only if you can get past Jace's assholery and stubbornness in the beginning. And middle of the book. I'm not excusing his douche behavior. He was an absolute DICK. But, I've seen and read worse.

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Unredeemable H who treats h like absolute shit with barely little or to no grovel in the end. Jace owned his actions, albeit late in the book. But he did. And he was so gutted. Very regretful and ashamed for how he acted. He was repentant and sincere, and I believe in his change. And his promise to be a better person and father to their future children.

As for those who have pet-peeves with dead spouses overshadowing the book. She was mentioned. Thought about and honored as I thought it was fair. She only just passed away a year ago. And yes, it did cause a rift later on between Jace and Sydney. But it didn't completely dominate the whole book or romance. As in Jace's recalling their moments in every goddamn chapter. I HATE that shit. Thank goodness it wasn't excessive in this book. Otherwise, it would have garnered a much , lower star. View all 9 comments. It was emotional and angsty with an angry tortured hero and a sassy compassionate heroine.

Not a traditional romance but one filled with a sense of loss, of coping, of self destruction and of absolution. Jace Montgomery is man you love to hate and hate to love. His sweet twins need him but work is the only thing that keeps him from remembering and dealing with his loss. Sydney White is beautiful and has a huge heart.

Always doing for others, she overlooks herself.

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So when Sydney meets Jase at her best friends wedding, she sees the broken man before her. But while breaking down the walls, Jase and his anger continually go at Sydney. I will say that I got Jase and his attitude.

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Yes he has kids and his attitude towards them and his family was atrocious but I felt his pain and his spiraling towards self destruction. Sydney and her need and want to help did not turn me off. There were times when I wanted to shake her for allowing his ugliness towards her but she was falling for Jase and his kids. And what we do and what we tolerate are sometimes not what others would do. This story ends in a HEA but getting there is torturous and painful to the heart. I felt for all the characters and I enjoyed that the story was different.

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I will say that there were some transitions parts that felt off and sometimes the dialogue had me questioning. But in all I really loved the story and the writing. I look forward to reading more from the author in the future. I will also add that I loved the dual narration. View 2 comments. Poor little thing. She should spend some time on therapy so she does not get involved with douches and assholes.

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Our hero is an alcoholic who neglects his children and prefers to work and drown in alcohol than to face life. I really do not have sympathy for him. I know what it is to lose the husband and have to continue living and taking care of the family. The world does not revolve around us.

He has lost his wife but has children to care for and his family, but he is so selfish and egocentric that he only sees his own pain not supporting his children.

Losing your wife is not a choice. Becoming a single father? Not a fucking choice, either. Her mom. A surrogate mother to my children. Will it hurt to see a couple get married? Normally, she might be my type, but ever since my wife died, no woman has piqued my interest. I know. I felt that once. I had that. I know the feeling of everything revolving around one person and I also know the feeling—the stabbing feeling—of having it all ripped away. I have nothing. Being here is a bitter pill to swallow. An imperfect shell. All desire fades from my body as I shake my head and stare down at the woman actually lying before me.

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What am I doing? What the fuck am I doing? I feel myself softening in my hand. My wife is fucking gone! Nothing will ever be okay.