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View 2 comments. Jan 03, Lonestarlibrarian Keddy Ann Outlaw rated it really liked it. Nutritionist Eve Adams has two children and a husband, Eric, whose sculpture career is stalled. He takes off one night to drive a babysitter home and is not heard from for a few days. Eve thinks the worst, and we the readers do too, for at least a little while. Then the author starts to let us in on Eric's state of mind. He is clearly having a mid-life crisis.

Eventually the family learns he is in Tucson, where he stays with his mother and starts teaching kung fu. He communicates with his daught Nutritionist Eve Adams has two children and a husband, Eric, whose sculpture career is stalled. He communicates with his daughter via texts, but his phone call messages to Eve yield no return communications. Eve is steaming mad, overwhelmed by this period of sudden single parenthood and the demands of her profession, including some interesting clients with food-related problems. This was an engaging domestic drama with characters I really felt close to, very satisfying Get out your hankie and prepare to care!

Oct 02, Robyn rated it it was ok. I had high hopes for this book, and its advertised story of forgiveness.

Instead I found it preachy, with too-quick resolutions to tough problems like diet, exercise, obesity, and depression. For the brief dialogue about abstract forgiveness, we never learn how the characters actually do forgive I kept reading in the hopes the book would get better, but now I just wish I had those hours back. Don't worry, author I fo I had high hopes for this book, and its advertised story of forgiveness.

I forgive you. Sep 06, Sarah rated it it was ok. This was a fast read, but I had a hard time liking either of the main characters. While realistic in its portrayal of a marriage, both of their behavior just made me want to bang my head against a wall. And while everything about the nutrition and crap diets Americans eat is true, I felt like I was being lectured to the first half of the book.

Dec 10, Molly rated it it was ok. It was ok. I thought it was weird that the author spent so much time giving us facts about nutrition and depression. And I just didn't buy the fact that the main character accepted the husband back with so little discussion or questions.

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One of the main reasons the couple was having problems was a lack of communication, and then they barely even discuss what went wrong. Oct 10, Teri James rated it really liked it. Great book about a couple whose marriage is in trouble. When the wife's career takes off, the husband leaves to take the babysitter home and does not return. What an asshole!! Aug 11, Jodi Litman rated it it was ok.

This Northern Irish author's new novel could be the next Gone Girl

Slow and slightly boring. I got through it but I was sorry I wasted my time. Sep 20, Vicky rated it it was ok. I thought this was ponderous and slow, predictable. I found myself skimming it, just wanting to confirm that it ended the way I could predict it would. Jan 06, Kelly McCloskey-Romero rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I loved this! Hanauer has accomplished something very impressive to me - painting a portrait of everyday life raising school age children. But at the end she gets to the core of marriage and commitment for all of its ups and downs. Fourteen-year-old Magnolia was heartbreakingly believable. Eve faces what all moms of teenagers face - our babies growing up into people we can sometimes barely stand. I loved his mom, Penelope. The second to last scene, where Eve walks around Brooklyn and Manhattan, was delicious.

Aug 16, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: chicklit , family-drama. Modern life and love is what "Gone" is all about. It's the beautiful story of a marriage and it will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled in a relationship to reconcile love against ambivalence, loyalty against the lure of solitude an domestic fidelity against the call of an open road. How no matter what changes are made during your years together, the one important thing is constant.

Eve Adams has worked part-time and taken care of her children while supporting her husband the sculptor. He has had some success in the past but now seems to be in a creative slump. Eve has taken her knowledge of food and written a book and counsels people how to eat healthy and lose weight. Her business is growing, the book goes into a second printing. Her husband, Eric. She thought the evening went fine until her husband leaves to take home the sitter and disappears Eve Adams has worked part-time and taken care of her children while supporting her husband the sculptor.

She thought the evening went fine until her husband leaves to take home the sitter and disappears. She has no idea where he went or what is going on but the sitter is missing too. She needs to take care of the kids, the house and the bills and wait to her from her husband. Is he gone forever? Dollycas's Thoughts The characters in this story were very interesting.

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For the most part real and each with their own set of flaws. The one thing that bothered me about this book was passivity of the wife. I understand staying strong for your kids, being scared for the future, and not wanting people to know your husband left you but I felt she needed to put more effort into what was really going on, especially after the husband contacted their daughter. She took on the whole load herself including their quickly emptying checkbook. I wanted to hate Eric for just running away but he was definitely suffering from a major case of depression.

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I felt terrible for the kids and Eve had her hands full with a teenager trying to make the most of her father's absence by putting herself into some dangerous situations and a son just trying to understand why his dad left. This is a story of family dynamics, trying to balance everything, work, kids, family, marriage and life in general. The ending was just too easy for me.

This was a major upheaval in this marriage and the reactions of all the characters just seemed off. The characters may not have acted in the way I wanted but this was still a good story of a very complicated life circumstances. I think that is what the author was going for, unexpected reactions by the characters. Otherwise this book would be like thousands of others. Written this way it creates conflict for the reader which got us involved in the story. You are actually upset with the way things are playing out and the pages keep turning.

Yes, I am a bit conflicted. This is not a story that I am going to scream and shout that you must read but it still a worthy read. It may be a good group read because I think it would prompt healthy discussion. Sometimes we need a story like this to shake up our views a bit. Jul 12, Wendy Hines rated it really liked it. Simply an amazing book! Gone is a story about marriage, family and finding yourself.

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Cathi has done a remarkable job of character depiction - they seem so real, I can imagine them living next door. What a nightmare for any woman to think your husband has run off with the babysitter!