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And so, the reader is introduced to another strong female character; Lesley Anne Carrington.

A woman from a privileged background who is strong, takes no nonsense and also beautiful. The story follows Sammy, Naomi and Lesley through the end of the war and moves from Europe to Palestine, detailing the plight of the Jewish people as they struggle to find a place that can be their home. There have been many novels set during the war and detailing the horrors of the concentration camps, but this is the first one I have read that centres on what happened next to those prisoners who were lucky enough to survive the camps. Pegasus Falling is an extraordinary novel, it is part love-story and part social history.

William E Thomas does not shy away from the politics of the era, and my only criticism would be that at times, I felt just a little bogged down by the political detail. However, this does not take away from the strength of the novel at all. I will look forward to reading It Never Was You, the second part of the trilogy as soon as it is published.

The Cypress Branches Trilogy, no. 2

Shelves: fiction , world-war-two , british. I'm between I liked it and it was OK. The writing was very good, but the use of foul language which was used liberally, became distracting and personally distasteful. That being said, this is a classic World War Two story of trial, triumph and disaster.

I really liked that Mike Harris, the grandson of the author, published this book for his now deceased grandfather William E.

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The personal back-story is what captured my attention. However, there was one misspelling that should have been c I'm between I liked it and it was OK. However, there was one misspelling that should have been caught. The writer refers to "Matthausen" when it should be "Mauthausen". I hope they catch that blunder in future printings. I was intrigued by the fact that this story includes scenes from that horrific concentration camp.

Also, I like that the characters discuss both sides of the Palestinian issues. That is one subject I'm trying to acquaint myself with. Although there are passages with long conversations between characters that tend to drag the story down. I am not sure if the characters in this first book re-surface in the next two in the trilogy. I was disappointed how it turned out for some of them in this first book and wanted to know more. The characters are well drawn out. They seemed real, with real problems and life situations.

War is horrible and I believe this captured the essence of what was really going on at that time. Although the ending caught me off guard, I kept reading to find out what happens next, and looked for excerpts from the next book in the series. There aren't any. So, I may have to read more if these characters and this story don't get out of my mind, as is the case with some books. I thank Mike for sending me this e-book edition. View 1 comment. Jan 24, Helen rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads.

Manual It Never Was You (The Cypress Branches trilogy Book 2)

I was pleased to win a copy of this book as the synopsis suggested that it would be right up my street. As a novel it blends themes of war, politics and romance almost seemlessly. Covering issues as charged as the Palestinian mandate, it was thought provoking and you could not help but reflect on current events in the middle east in light of the events highlighted in this book. Definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys novels set in the post WW2 period.

Jul 26, Joanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. I was trying to win this book on Good Reads as giveaway but not such luck I bought it in kindle version and I have to say it it was amazing book!

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WWII story at it best! I highly recommend to the people that like WWII books. It is a love story also and it made me cry I cant wait till the second part.

This book it will stay with you long after you finish reading. Sep 30, Caleb Blake rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , indie-recommended. It was provided by the Jewess who shared his despair, who clung to him as his strength dissipated. And after the war was won, he needed to find her again to give his life meaning. Pegasus Falling is the first part of a trilogy called The Cypress Branches and the story of its writing is almost as interesting as the story itself. Firstly, William E. Thomas writes from experience as he served in the parachute regiment during the second world war and then continued to serve in Palestine — the setting for the second half of this novel.

So although I expect quite a bit of license has been taken to tell a good story, it is no doubt informed by experience. The publishing of the original story as a trilogy is being accomplished by his grandson, Mike.

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The story follows the plight of a captain in the paratroopers, trapped behind German enemy lines due to an intelligence blunder and taken to a concentration camp after an act of violence against an SS officer. The initial battle scenes did not dwell perversely on the horror of war. Both souls remain empty and unfulfilled without the other until they meet again in Palestine.

Pegasus Falling was an interesting terrain to explore for me. The narrative is carried mainly by three characters, the irrepressible Captain Sammy Parker, Naomi — the Jewish concentration camp survivor, and Lesley — a senior foreign official who worked in Germany at the end of the world war and afterwards in Palestine. All three characters are pretty well developed even if somewhat idealised by the author. Interestingly, all three of them also offer a stance on the creation of the state of Israel either indirectly or directly which made me feel that the author wanted to make a statement on Palestine more-so than he wanted to make any statement about Nazi Germany.

My home is in Germany. You might, but not me. I am a German, not a Jew. I am just an ordinary German Hausfrau who happens to be Jewish and I am going home.

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The romance between Lesley and Sammy was almost cloying and the existence of sexual inexperience of that magnitude for characters that age seemed a little hopeful. But overall, I really enjoyed the story. It is probably too late for William E. Thomas to understand that someone is reading and enjoying the work he committed decades of his life to writing. Thomas is the semi-autobiographical novel of the author who served as a British paratrooper in World War II.

Each one have their virtues and their faults. May 10, Damaskcat rated it it was amazing. I started reading this book because the author's story intrigued me but from the first page I was gripped by the story itself.