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I have the first-hand experience as I have been spending a lot of time with cannabis during the past.

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This can heavily contribute and influence other to the success of the cannabis industry. What is a favorite recipe from your childhood? Style of food? CJ: I love cooking especially experimenting with cannabis. In fact, I have been using some of my favorite meals from my childhood and have creatively created some amazing recipes. I have been preparing a large number of recipes for family and friends as well.

The most favorite recipe out of them is Battered catfish and Gulf shrimp over grits topped with cheese sauce the secret is found in the cheese sauce.


I also prefer to make Thai and Cajun style food with cannabis as well. This can heavily contribute and influence other to the success of the cannabis industry in the future as well. WB: If you were to travel anywhere in the world right now where would that be? With whom? Doing what? I have spent enough time exploring the ways individuals use and misuse time to know being with my family is more important than going to the most luxurious escape.

My wife and I Angelina Fly As Bae have three daughters together ages 11, 12 and 13 for me family comes first above all measures. My family and friends are more rewarding than any traveling experience I could have. Warren Bobrow, the Cocktail Whisperer, is the multi-published author of six books. I work with cannabis and have done some wild things in life.

Twisted Tales Not to Be Read at Night!

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Cleveland Jones Cleveland Jones. Warren Bobrow. But the reformers soon realized that as cash-strapped states confronted the Great Recession, funding a sweeping education initiative would be nearly impossible. Gates has built his fortune by taking a standardized platform—Windows—and crafting a platter of services to fit it. He compares Common Core to the electric socket—under the old system, it was as if appliance makers had to make a different plug for each state. Obama and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan, liked the Common Core concept and wanted to aid the implementation process by offering states major incentives to sign on.

No Child Left Behind had, for the first time, collected a huge amount of data about schools, but Duncan wanted schools to drill down deeper, zeroing in on individual students as they progressed through the education system. In much the same way that No Child Left Behind-powered reformers had left urban parents feeling powerless, Common Core skeptics saw billionaire philanthropists, multinational corporations, and Washington bureaucrats hijacking local control of education—dictating from on high what was best for their families.

Fueling their suspicions was the string of education companies lining up to support Common Core: Testing and textbook provider Pearson, which saw big money in the coming curricular overhaul and exam boom, positioned itself for a financial windfall. Also potentially lucrative was the vast amount of student data collected via testing.

Common Core itself did not call for data collection it was the federal Race to the Top Program that incentivized it , but the standardization it sought was a major goal for educational number crunchers.

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In the previous decade, studying student data had been a bit like comparing stats in a basketball league in which all the hoops were a different height. Common Core would ensure the rims were at the same level across the board. In the name of innovation, the data would also be made available to for-profit companies seeking to peddle a variety of educational products and services to school districts.

This spring, inBloom was scrapped over privacy concerns. With the education industry on board, the governors and school officials got to work.

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At a joint meeting in , the two groups tapped Coleman and Zimba to lead working groups of math and language arts educators who would draft the new standards. Previous reform efforts, such as No Child Left Behind and the Clinton-era Goals which set goals for developing standards had sparked mini-rebellions on the right—but they had been mild by comparison.

She brought up George Soros, the liberal financier; Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and possible Republican presidential candidate, who has made the standards a central mission and has a financial stake in them through his education ventures; and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and social-conservative icon, who was an early supporter. True, but the shares have been frozen since the Qaddafi regime fell in Common Core has nothing to do with sex ed. Kristie Martorelli, an elementary school teacher from suburban Phoenix, told me of hearing from irate parents who believed that the standards had eliminated the teaching of cursive.

Common Core became a symbol for change itself, a magnet for every national anxiety or conspiracy theory involving the education system. Stories about the depravities of public education had been popping up in conservative media for years, but now critics had something tangible at which to direct their outrage.


A classicist by training, he speaks in the lofty cadence of TEDx talks. And, critics often note, he was turned down from the only teaching gig he ever applied for, as a public school teacher in New York City: Instead, he came up through the ranks of the consulting giant McKinsey.

(Indiana Jones And The Legend Of The Mammoth 1962) The Mammoth's Trumpet 🐘 🔊

When he discusses the future of education, he says he wants to emulate the work of Dan Wagner, the data whiz who helped get Obama reelected by studying hundreds of pieces of information about individual voters. Fordham Institute, a conservative think tank that supports the standards. The difference between now and then is the scale of disinformation. Still, the grassroots critiques of activists like Quackenbush were slow to catch on in national political circles.

When Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S. But eventually the fight drew the attention of established Republican figures, particularly on the religious right. Conservative think tanks, including the Heritage Foundation, started to push back. In , Cruz spearheaded a letter signed by nine Republican senators threatening to block the Department of Education from providing further federal funding for the implementation of Common Core.

BY , THE backlash had spread to the ballot box. Under Ritz and Pence, Indiana halted plans for Common Core testing and announced it was evaluating the entire system. After losing the election, Bennett was quickly snatched up by Florida Gov. In short order he resigned over allegations which he denied that while in Indiana he had changed the performance grade of a charter school—founded by a top GOP donor—from a C to an A. Gideon Kibblewhite reviewed the volume of The Best New Horror for Arcane magazine, rating it a 9 out of 10 overall. The first book in the series won the award, [2] and the twelfth volume was nominated for the award.

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