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Home Water Leaks

Water is draining into the wall and down onto the floor from a faulty shower pipe or valve. The overflow tube is loose or has a bad gasket. The easiest way to do this is by removing whatever access hatch or panel you might have to cover the plumbing connections. If you see water leaking, it is very likely you have loose connections in the drain fitting or the drain trap below the tub. Repair them as needed. If no leaking water appears while simply running water into the tub, now begin running the shower. If water now begins to appear below the tub, look for signs of water splashing back onto the valve plate, tub spout , showerhead or faucet escutcheon plate.

Even a small amount of water can trickle between the walls and through the floor if it gets behind the shower surround. If the tub spout, showerhead, or faucet plate do not seem to be leaking, then turn to the overflow tube as the most likely culprit. Continue to 3 of 4 below.

Check the Overflow Gasket. However, a leaking bathtub produces a lot more water than wet feet that are fresh out of a shower.

The water from a leaking tub or shower can cause mold growth either on your floor—or, even worse and less noticeable, in your subfloor. When a faucet leaks, the water drains down the sink itself or pools on the countertop. All home water leaks should be taken seriously. A toilet that leaks around the seal can cause mold damage similar to a leaking tub.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Blog

Your floor, subfloor, and anything in the surrounding area are in danger of disgusting and unhealthy mold growth. An internal toilet leak causes water from the toilet tank to drain right into the sewer. During this common home water leak, the pipes under your sink leak a steady stream of water all over your cabinets. Since sink cabinets are almost always made of wood, mold growth is a likely symptom of this leak.

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Since your sink pipes are out of sight, they tend to be out of mind. This type of home water leak often catches homeowners unaware. This hardworking appliance makes meal time cleanup a breeze. Yet year after year of doing a tough job can often cause this piece of kitchen hardware to leak. The leaks from a garbage disposal tend to smell particularly foul—and like almost all the other home water leaks, they can cause mold growth. When your traditional hot water heater goes belly-up, sometimes it leaks massive gallons of water.

Common bathtub leaks and simple solutions

This leak occurs as the metal tank rusts out. Avoid this nightmare — especially if you have a finished basement. Leaking water pipes are one of the most destructive plumbing disasters possible.

The good news, though: they are rare. The biggest indication of a leaking water pipe is a wet spot on your ceiling or wall. I never thought about what was under that upstairs bathroom, though.

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Well, that has all changed now. My tub has started to leak down through my ceiling, with water dripping into my living room of all places. This problem is especially bad when someone takes a bath upstairs.

7 Most Common Home Water Leaks | Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

I know enough to know that some serious work is going to need to be done, but if you could give me a rough price estimate, that would be great! Thanks for all your advice over the years. As you say, Jake, you definitely need to have some serious plumbing repair work done to fix this issue, likely by a professional. But, as you also say, I know the cost to fix a tub leaking through a ceiling is probably your second most pressing concern—behind how fast you can get it fixed. Our friend Jake is right to ask for a rough estimate; these things tend to vary by the size of a house, the damage done, and many other factors.