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Now you can open time slots so students can book you! I am going to keep it a hundred! The first month will be slow, as you have to build your reputation, get regulars and increase your VIPKID booking rates. And even though VIPKID helps you the first month by giving you a few classes to start off, they do not guarantee a steady stream of classes. This is when bookings are drastically decreased, as students are enjoying their week vacation!

Although there is already a set curriculum, teachers have the freedom to teach the way they want! Oh, and did I mention that there are no papers to grade, no essays to read or crazy parents to deal with!?

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Besides teaching the class, the only other thing required of teachers is writing feedback for each student. Writing and submitting feedback for each student after class is mandatory for every teacher.

Webcam: I recommend investing in a good quality webcam. Headset: Many teachers use a professional headset like this one , where background noise can be muted. Since I refuse to add unnecessary stuff to my travel backpack , I use my small headphones like the ones given with iPhones and teach somewhere quiet. I travel with a mobile hotspot from Tep Wireless as a backup. Since I am a long-term traveler and live out of my backpack , I keep the amount of props I have to the basics. You do not need props for class.

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I found the basics, and my silliness works wonders. With the basics, I still manage to get my time slots filled with mostly regulars and still make my desired monthly pay! I like to think my minimalist classroom and teaching style is awesome lol, since students keep coming back. Anywho, here are the basic props you really need:.

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Your teaching schedule is whatever you want it to be. You pick the days and times you want to work! If you want to work only one hour one week and 80 hours the next, you can! This is the perfect job for people looking to make extra cash, stay-at-home moms, travelers, and well, anyone really!

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In the portal you will be able to choose your teaching availability in time slots between am — pm Beijing time. You can open your schedule one month in advance, but students can only book you on a weekly basis. Once you put in your schedule for the week or month, you can alter it as many times as you want, as long as a student did not book that time slot.

As for me, I work about 15 — 20 hours a week. Peak times are from pm — pm Beijing time Monday — Friday and am — pm Beijing time on the weekends! Students more like the parents are the ones who pick their teachers each week, and teachers teach whoever books them. This means you will not teach the same kid every week, unless a kid or parent loves your teaching style and books you each week, becoming your regular student.

Of course!

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You show up, load up the PowerPoint, release your inner child, act silly, make funny faces, sing off-key, play with toys, laugh, and scream all while teaching English to a student! As for the logistical stuff, you will be teaching on a one to one basis. One student and one teacher for 25 minutes!

The platform is very similar to Skype, but more sophisticated. When you enter the classroom, it will look like the picture below! You will have three boxes, one where you will upload the lesson, and the other two are where you will see yourself teaching and the student.

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All lessons are made as PowerPoints and usually consist of slides. Once uploaded into the platform, you and the student can draw, write, type, and even circle objects on the slides. This means classrooms are becoming even more fun for the students and the teachers too :. There will be those who want to sleep or play with their toys instead of being in class, but most of the VIPKIDs you teach want to be in class.

Most are eager to learn and participate, especially since they know they are not going to a boring class, but a fun, silly and interactive class. These students are motivated and will surprise you! I seriously love these kids, especially my regular kids. Currently, all students are 5 to years-old and their levels of English vary.

If you get a certificate to teach PreVIP kids, you will teach students younger than 5 but older than 2 years old.

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You can work whenever you want, whatever day you please and wherever you want. This is not a quality you will get with most jobs. Can you think of a part-time position that pays you this well while working in your pjs or while backpacking through Guatemala? On top of your hourly pay, VIPKID gives you opportunities to make more money every month with their incentives and bonuses.

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VIPKID also shows their appreciation for teachers who teach during the holidays with gifts and extra money! Like I said, they love paying their teachers :. Come to class on time, teach a student in a fun, positive and energetic environment for 25 minutes and finally write feedback for the student after class. All of that is done for you, you just need to be an awesome teacher and teach the lesson! VIPKID is constantly providing additional trainings, evaluations, feedback and workshops to help teachers improve their teaching quality.

As for trainings, they come in the form of PPTs and videos, while workshops are led by teacher mentors via video conferences. VIPKID is growing rapidly, but they are making sure they are providing the best quality education to their students and the best working environment and ideal job for their teachers.

They do this by constantly improving their system, curriculum, policy and overall company. The community is spread through various platforms such as Facebook, Skype group chats, forums and even in-state meetups. The children are really a delight to teach. Since I teach mostly younger kids, they are super adorable and love being silly! Teachers are unfortunately allowed only six cancellations per contract, and after the 6th cancellation VIPKID can terminate your contract! I should mention that 3 cancelled classes in one calendar day is counted as one official cancellation, and within one day you can only get a maximum of 2 official cancellations.

Yeah, I know that totally went over your head, right? Crazy complicated and strict. Well, I can help!

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Poor Jim. These situations include power outages, natural disasters, serious illness, death, labor or birth. Why do you pay more you ask? Well, as an independent contractor federal and state taxes will not be withheld from your pay!