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She is also the author of a monthly e-communique called Light Streamings, and has written many articles on the subject of spiritual transformation. Carol is co-founder of Arayu; a partnered ventured which teaches the alignment with oneness consciousness in all areas of our lives. Her platform of teaching new paradigm leaders how to live in the flow of joy has evolved into an international following. Our special topics include the Holy Grail Mysteries, investigating the life of Jesus, past lives with him, and the truth of his mission, which is vastly different than the story presented in religion.

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The Ascension Series is another topic of interest for our listeners and we bring world teachers to this forum to discuss the personal and planetary aspects of ascension as it is ocurring now on the planet! Jump to navigation. Leave this field blank. Search Search this site. Show Headline:. I mention these gifts, as these animals were of great value among the na- tives in those days.

I must in this connection relate to you a story a- bout the blue jays. They were very troublesome, and, as our cat could not catch them, we contrived to do so by means of large traps.

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Hoping to make a valuable addition to our failing provisions, we salted two barrels of them, but we soon afterwards found Missions among tJie Snohomish. The Indians, laughing at us, told us that the blue jay was once a zegica vara duhddm or strong doctor, and, of course, was not fit to be eaten.

The Indians had then many superstitions, some of which stick to them yet. Let us pray for them so that they may abandon all errors displeasing to the true God.

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It was on account of this that we were de- termined to fix a permanent mission among the Sno- homish Indians, and start a school for thoir children. Without delay the school was opened, and eleven dav-scliolars, five girls and six boys, presented them- selves to be instructed. A very poor lodge was our first schoolroom. Boarders were not yet admitted, as we had more than enough to do to board ourselves. In my next letter I shall take you from Tlatlem- tlobolh to Chetlaax or Priest- Point, where we trans- planted the tree whose fruits you are actually enjoy- ing.

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CiiiRousE, O. Since the publication of our last issue we gratefully acknowledo'e the reception of pecuniary remittances from Kt. Bishop Elder; Rev.

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Sisters Notre Dame. Wash- ington. Sister M Louise ; Mes- danies Genau.

M Lawlor. A Brown. Post Oifice. All communication and correspoiidence to be addressed to Kev. Tulalip Indian Eeservatior. The imdersigned. The actual number now is 32 and 36 respectively. Te clevt. His soul thus refreshed in the Blood of the Lamb, he goes with confidence and hope to Her, the "Refuge of sinners. For them it is a time of sanctirica- tion and grace; a season of prayer, during which they redouble their ardor in the service of Mary, the ''Help of Christians. The faithful are united together several evenings in the week to do Her homage. Mothers are daily seen at the foot of Her altar, placing their little ones under the pro- tecting mantle of the Mother of the Infant Jesus.

So, is it not natural that with sadness we should say "Farewell" to the month of May, the month of flowers? Yes, let us all take refuge into that Heart where "sinners shall find an infinite ocean of mercy," and ''lukewarm souls will be rendered fervent.

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Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, make my heai t like unto Thine. Sweetest Heart of Jesus, be my love. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. May tb. My Jesus, mercy. Lives of the Saints.

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Perpetua and Companions. T Carthage, in the year , Perpetua, a married lady but twenty-two years old, Satiirns, her in- sti'uctor in the Faith, and Felicitas. Perpetna's father tried to foi'ce her by threats and outrage to deny her faith. Even at the judgment-seat he continued his entreaties, till the magistrates had hhii driven away with blows.

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Perpetua felt his sufferings as her own ; when her child was put for a little at her breast, it seemed to change the pi-ison into a palace, but Christ was dearer to hei" than father and child. God changed the darkness of this prison into light. In vision, St. According to the sentence, the martyrs were torn by wild beasts.

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In the midst of her suffering, Perpetua was dead to sense, and did not know the beasts had touched her. They all had strength to rise and salute each other with the kiss of peace. They were then despatched with the sword, and entered together into the heavenly city. God puts the example of weak women before us that we may learn courage in His service. His light, and His heavenly conso- lation. He triumphed in them who lived in them, and they who lived not to tliemselves, but for Him, found in deatii itself the way to life.

Wliile St. She replied, "Now it is 1 who sntfer : then Another will be with me, and will suffer for nie, since I am to sutler for Him.

see url April 9. N the persecution of Diocletian, Apollonius, a monk of the Thebaid, was forward in consolinti: the Christ- ian-; and animatino' them to sufter. JJe had been well known for his holy life amontr the solitaries of the desert, and then piomoted to the diaconate. As he lay confined at Anthioe. He tor- lured Apollonius, and reproached him as a deceiver, and h. But at the prayer of the Saint lain extinouished the flames, and Ariian, at the sight of the miracle, was changed from a pei'secutor to a marryi-. He was led before th. It is because we think too much of ourselves, and too little of charity and of truth.

The devil raged, Christ suffered.