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Dr McClelland highlighted the growth and innovation SIT has developed to move with technology and continue to build the portfolio of programmes available for students. The presentation also indicated challenges SIT faces in online learning such as validation of work, maintaining engagement with students, meeting different learning needs and technology challenges and how SIT provides solutions for these challenges and continues to develop and evolve the service provided to students.

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The conference attracted education leaders from tertiary institutions and organisations all around the globe. Simulation technology has advanced considerably in recent times and is now an accepted part of the health education landscape. SIT nurse educator Andrea Knowler examined the debriefing that occurs after simulation scenarios in nursing education in a New Zealand context as part of her Master of Nursing research dissertation in She argues that the debriefing session is as much a learning tool as the simulation scenario itself.

The threat of peak oil has motivated many cities to consider how they can relocalise food production. Erine van Niekerk, programme manager for the Bachelor of Environmental Management, and recent Environmental Management degree graduate Josh Fisher examined the potential for the city of Invercargill to feed itself. Erine van Niekerk School of Environmental Management. One in ten children in New Zealand is born with severe allergies.

SIT nurse educator Cassie Carstensen explored the experience of raising a child living with severe allergies as part of her Master of Nursing research dissertation in Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen was involved in a number of research projects in that reflected her interests in composing, early childhood music and editing, along with her ongoing research focus in the area of student engagement in the School of Music at SIT.

We run workshops and special activities in the first week of the year that are focused on making students feel they are part of something special. People with mental illnesses have a higher risk of physical health problems than that for the general population, and the gap in mortality is widening. SIT nurse educator Debora Anderson is researching the role that mental health nurses feel they should also play in addressing physical health issues.

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Environmental Management tutor Dr Ross Ramsay has been completing research relating to the natural history of Southland and his ongoing interest in raw materials, forensic science, and midth century English porcelains. In he headed a collaborative research project with Dr Chris Adams and Mr Russell Beck into radiometric dating of detrital zircons contained within the quartzose metasediments of the Pegasus Group, Rakiura, NZ.

Ross Ramsay School of Environmental Management. Research by nurse educator Johanna Rhodes focuses on the use of simulation as a way to bring real-life experiences into the classroom.

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In Fiona Tyrie teamed up with Debbie Ruwhiu to carry out a research project looking into facilitating collaborative learning with students studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise. New Zealand tertiary institutes are welcoming an increasing number of nurse educators from around the world. As part of her PhD studies, SIT nurse educator Reen Skaria is researching the challenges experienced by nurse educators coming to teach in schools of nursing in this country.

Dr Jo Smith is a long term advocate for recognition of the therapeutic massage industry as a highly professional and legitimate industry. The focus of her research in was provision of research and clinical information to the industry, "to summarise recent published studies and present the information in a way that makes it easily perusable and accessible.

Readers might then follow the links to read the full study if they are interested in a particular topic. The therapeutic massage industry remains ambivalent about the necessity for degree-based education for the growth of the industry in NZ. Donna Smith explored the reasons for this in her recently completed doctoral thesis. When faced with a mathematics problem many students become anxious or even fearful and this can impact on their achievement, their self-confidence and even career opportunities.

John Mumford and co-researcher Frank Smedley AUT have recently published a paper on the subject of math anxiety and how to resolve this widespread teaching and learning issue. SIT was approached by a local school teacher to develop computer devices to improve the communication experiences of a small group of severely physically challenged children.

Artist and SIT tutor Ruth Myers is currently working on her PhD thesis and giving a number of presentations of her ongoing work exploring viewing encounters with the disciplining and gesturing filmic body as shared performance in early film and contemporary video art. Ruth is particularly focused on the temporalities of display where the present tense, and modes of interruption, situates participants in forms of shared performance.

Jerry presented an overview of the results of the Committed Learners Project, a study he worked on in collaboration with Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen and Dr Jo Whittle, examining student engagement across the student life-cycle at tertiary institutes throughout NZ.

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The focus was on practical ideas that could be implemented in teaching. As Head of Faculty for SIT2LRN, Teri McClelland has had an ongoing interest in online distance learning and its significance for adult learners who are often unable to attend traditional on-campus study because of family or work commitments. What ethical dilemmas are student nurses likely to be confronted with during work experience in clinical practice, and what situations do they find most distressing? These are the questions Jill Sinclair researched in her Master of Nursing thesis project.

What does sound look like? He employed interactive design to augment the invisible phenomenon of sound and created a number of innovative and challenging works of art, making the invisible — sound — visible. It brought enormous changes to the small town of Huntly and the surrounding rural landscape. Local knowledge and practical wisdom has much to offer in the management of natural resources. This belief underpins research by Anna Palliser into the management of the complex environment of Banks Peninsula in Canterbury. Using the Banks Peninsula situation as a case study she analysed the factors that assisted or impeded local people in developing the capacity to take a central role in the sustainable management of their environment.

Anna Palliser School of Environmental Management. Casual or temporary workers make up an increasing proportion of the New Zealand labour force but relatively little is known about the negative impacts of casual employment on the lives of those workers. School of Music tutor Jason Sagmyr's research examined the value of this project-based assessment to student engagement.

She raises the challenge of the democratization of the public museum experience by which the citizens of a city are transformed into performers in the composition of their own stories. Andrea completed her Master of Nursing in and the debriefing experience after simulation teaching became the basis of her thesis. Andrea argues that the debriefing session is as much a learning tool as the simulation scenario itself.

Students’ perception of Kahoot!’s influence on teaching and learning

Andrea gathered data from a select cohort of nursing educators in New Zealand who were involved in simulation. Her results suggest that nurse educators largely drive the simulation development themselves and that their approach to its use in their classrooms is very individual, based on their own views and philosophical standpoints. Andrea hopes that her research will help to support the development of simulation processes in New Zealand nursing education, but believes that further research is required to fully address the gaps in this field in New Zealand.

There is a real need to train and inform nurse educators in simulation approaches. The research was undertaken as part of her Master of Nursing degree at the Eastern Institute of Technology.

The Science of Pain Management

Her research methodology involved detailing her experience, identifying common themes through that experience and then carefully analysing those themes. There have been very few New Zealand studies focusing on the experience of being a parent of a child with severe allergies, despite international and national evidence that the numbers of children with allergies, and the severity of allergic responses, are increasing.

As Cassie notes, there continues to be a lack of knowledge about the causes of allergies and how to best manage them and this contributes to the levels of frustration felt by those who live with allergies. Alongside the rigorous analysis the research is also deeply revealing and personal.

SIT Staff Research Symposium 2014

Cassie believes that the methodology she used demonstrates how personal narratives can produce relevant and insightful information in the field of nursing. She also recommends the creation of specialist nursing roles for allergy management, and the distribution of education packs for families with information on recognising, managing and treating children with severe allergies. The two activities that had the biggest impact on the engagement of the students were the staging of a Flash Mob and creating bands that mixed students from different years together to perform at the regular Friday concert.

Sally is also a published composer and saw her writing some short pieces for solo instruments and piano accompaniment. I also altered the piano accompaniment to suit the new context. Three instrumental pieces were completed in and named after the young performers they were composed for. Sally intends to write more such pieces in and has plans to get her compositions for solo brass instruments performed at the provincial and national brass band contests. Her interest in the physical health of mental health service users was inspired by her own observations while working in the mental health field.

In New Zealand and internationally the gap in mortality between the general population and those with mental illnesses is widening. While concerns about comorbidity in mental health patients are common around the world it has not been explored widely in New Zealand. Her research shows high levels of uncertainty about roles and responsibilities of nurses toward mental health service users. She also plans to present her research at an Australasian nursing conference in He teaches on the Environmental Management degree programme.

These rafts of metasediments ranging from quartz-rich to partially calcareous rocks are found included within a spectrum of later granites. Zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral ZrSiO4 that belongs to the tetragonal crystal system and has an SG of 4.

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One isotope of uranium is U which decays with a half-life of 4. Another isotope of uranium, U decays to Pb with a halflife of million years 0. The researchers found that, as sampling progressed south from Table Hill, the sediments based on texture appeared to increase in the grade of metamorphism. Preliminary analysis of the age data reveals a curious history. In addition to his geological studies Ross has also continued his ongoing forensic science research into mid18th century English magnesian porcelains. He has also found that three refractory recipe types were used at the Limehouse porcelain works from early , based on three previous published works by Freestone, Owen, Jay and Cashion.

Work by Ross has finally recognised the long-rumoured presence of a Limehouse soapstone body only. After some eight years of research and chemical analysis Ross and coworkers Daniels and Gael Ramsay can claim to have dated and attributed the most significant conundrum in current English ceramic research, namely the George II porcelain busts and associated wall brackets. Ross points out that in order to understand these magnificent Mg-P-Pb and MgPb busts and historical wall brackets one needs to interpret the symbolism contained in both bust and bracket.

Whilst the English ceramic establishment has yet to comment on this new research, Ross has little doubt that this major conundrum has finally been solved after some years of discussion. In order to confirm his dating Ross spent several days at the analytical facilities, Monash University, where he undertook non-destructive analyses of various ceramic items including material produced at the pottery works of Whitehaven, Cumbria.

English ceramic experts have failed to understand that there were two main branches of the illustrious Wedgwood family with the Aaron Wedgwood branch migrating to Cumbria in the late 17th C. A monograph on Whitehaven creamwares is being prepared for publication as of January She is constantly seeking ways to bring real life into classroom learning. This means there are actually very few classes where I just lecture students. Just as in real life, each member of the group started the game with a different quantity of money.

This meant that those who began the game in poverty were likely still to be in poverty by the end of the game no matter how hard they tried to change their circumstances. Key learning techniques such as evaluation, discussion and reflection are built into the gaming sessions, and Johanna has also found that the games increase creativity by setting up conflicts and competition and by presenting students with challenging problems to resolve. Feedback from students on this teaching approach has been very positive, with many remembering the sessions long after the event. Donna is a highly experienced tutor in the School of Hairdressing and she has held a wide range of positions within the hairdressing industry. She was invited to give a keynote address at the National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference in Invercargill in As Donna revealed during her talk, a passion for her area of expertise has been an important factor in her success as a teacher.

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  4. She and her teaching team have built effective working relationships with local industry, hairdressing companies, HITO Hairdressing Industry Training organisation and other training professionals. Donna has been on the executive of the ITP Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Association since its inception in the early s and is also on the executive of the Southland Hairdressing Association.

    In that industry recognised her contribution by awarding her the national Tutor of the Year Award for exceptional industry knowledge and training achievements. Data was collected from all three paper deliveries throughout and a questionnaire was used to gather information from students before and after their course with regards to their experiences of working in groups. The process involved the class spending the first teaching session learning about group expectations and collaborative learning techniques, talking about social loafing and recognizing the benefits of working in teams to achieve a common goal.

    Over the next few sessions student groups had to complete group roles, group expectations and team policies paperwork and graded work needed to show who had contributed to each aspect of the assessment. The results show that most participants had experience of working collaboratively and that they understood which factors contributed to high performance groups.

    As a result, the degree of social loafing activities was lower than Fiona and Debbie expected. She has a Masters in Nursing from the University of Manipal Academy of Higher Education and has extensive experience in nursing and education.