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Gabby has become a role model for women worldwide regarding how to achieve peak fitness, good health, and overall well-being for themselves and their entire family.

Manual Set Yourself Up for Success (Collection)

Gabby says that you need to create the infrastructure around yourself to be successful. Learn how baby steps will help you reach your goals in Episode Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How to create an infrastructure around yourself to be successful Why baby steps are the most impactful Why you have to surround yourself with people who have similar messaging How to make a safe space for you to fail Plus much more…. I think you'll love Featured Content. Related Episodes Kimberly Guilfoyle. But did you negotiate for what you would need to succeed in the new role?

All new leaders will be tested in their roles and need to negotiate to improve their odds of success. Yet people often fail to address issues critical to their ability to perform on the job: their fit with the role, support in legitimating their appointment, and the resources to get the job done. Reluctantly, you turn it down.

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But to recognize those possibilities, you have to view yourself as well positioned to negotiate. By gathering good intelligence about your value and your areas of vulnerability.

Jim Rohn: Set Yourself Up to Win (jim rohn motivation)

When negotiating the terms of your acceptance, communicating the value you bring to the role is a prerequisite for getting what you want. That clarity can come from gathering good intelligence about why you were tapped for the position in the first place. It also helps to know what gaps others may perceive in your skill set or resume.

1. Be prepared in all aspects of your life

From this data, you can begin to identify changes to the job description that would make it a better fit for your skills, experiences, and interests. But with young children at home, she knew she could not take on the travel that went with the position. By gathering intelligence from her network, James learned that her superiors viewed her as the right person for the job because of her experience in global channel distribution.

Armed with that knowledge, she negotiated a restructuring of the unit. Two deputies already in place would take on new responsibilities and devote time to global customers.

Set Yourself Up for Success (Collection) [Book]

At headquarters, James would develop strategy and meet with customers only when her expertise was needed. Too often, people assume that their appointment speaks for itself.

1. Learn When to Say Yes or No

You may have the operational experience required for a new role, but what about the contextual prerequisites? Will people focus on your value or your vulnerabilities?

Planning and outlining your story map: How to set yourself up for success

Given the elusiveness of a perfect fit, you can expect that some will be cheered by your appointment, while others may mount a quiet—or not-so-quiet—opposition. Perhaps they enjoyed productive relationships with the previous incumbent and worry about the disruption.

Negative or ambiguous first reactions are perfectly natural. Visible support needs to be negotiated. New leaders need powerful introductions from key leaders to create a compelling rationale for their appointment. When the CEO of a growing medical-supply company appointed the first senior vice president of administration, there was concern that operational department heads, who preferred the loose way the company had been run, would resist new policies and procedures.

New Job? Set Yourself Up for Success

The CEO agreed to meet with each operational leader individually to provide the strategic rationale for the appointment. By doing this, he not only lent support to the new VP but also made it clear that any resistance to the change would interfere with growth plans.

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  7. All too often, people assume that their appointment speaks for itself. In so doing, they fail to anticipate the questioning and covert resistance that can make it difficult to lead in a new role. Negotiating with key leaders for public support can reinforce your new authority. In the early stages of a new leadership role, you need resources—money, personnel, and time—to get the job done.