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Recently, one knocked him over — knocked him from the sidewalk onto a patch of scrub and had him stumbling onto dog droppings. His hatred spiked. You might want to hear some of it. For his almost-daily forced march to and from the supermarket, he only buys what he can carry away in a black fibrous tote. These days, his duty, as he sees it, is to call malefactors to account. Most chatterboxes, motor-mouths, just ignore him — or tell him to….

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The guy in front of him — in the express line — has plopped a jumble of forty-some items onto the conveyor belt. Oblivious, wholly absorbed in his mobile-phone monologue, he is nattering on — holding up the line; the express line. These, in turn, may actually provide a magnetic force-field that enhances reception and keeps the phone adhered into the side of his head. Her dad has seen this kind of behavior before — and he is ready.

Short Fuses Four free short stories

He had worked it out and rehearsed it — trained for it — in the tactical unit of his imagination. Stealthily, furtively, quietly, unobtrusively, her dad slips a few individually-wrapped specialty sweets, mini-tins of pricey breath mints, and packets of chili- and jalapeno-infused chewing gum onto the conveyor belt. All are then rung up by the checker-bagger and whisked into store bags. If the checker-bagger spotted the add-ons, she decided to play along. Cell-man has been too absorbed in his phone monologue to lift a finger to bag the items the checker has scanned; too absorbed to spot the infiltrations.

Politely, the checker is waving and motioning at cell-man to produce a credit or debit card, or cash, to consummate the transaction. Cell-man finally notices her all-too-patient gestures, pauses his narration just long enough to wave his phone at the payout monitor. Nor on the second and third tries. Nor on the fourth.

Exasperated, he fumbles under his high-fashion serape to emerge a cloth bag from which he produces a debit card — which does not do the job, either.

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Eventually, a credit card does the trick and allows him to return to his phone conversation. Re-absorbed, he takes no notice of what has been bagged. Unsuspecting, cell-man goes on his way, unawares. At last, a victory. What a glorious feeling. He is so pleased with the scenario that he regales his daughter with it. Oh yes, she worries about him, but she admits to herself that if he were to pull it off there would be glory. But still, sometimes, make-believes can serve as antidotes to stress. Maybe, a kind of therapy? Fervently, she hopes her dad can become more tolerant, more accepting, less judgmental.

More patient and forgiving. She hopes he can rise above his fumings.

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Most of them, anyway. You missed a great factor.. I googled this subject and havent found that factor anywhere.. I dont really care much about your list and the other lists Ive found about this.. Loud Sounds.. Are all these articles written by young women with nasal speaking affectations?..

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I think so. Many of us, when affronted, used to just shut the hell up and take it.. Well, no more mister nice guy for me.. You ever notice how pissed off people get at the hearing impaired Not the Deaf Persons.. Oh, and if you say, "what about hearing aids? Hearing aids just dont work that well..

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Thanks to Vietnam, I lost a lot of hearing capability.. This is the problem - People.. Well, thats also convenient, when you cant understand emotional content or source of phenomena.. I can hear your leaking mind right now. I can see he's also Misogynistic..

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Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward… even those who are now building nuclear bombs? Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Twilight of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Joseph H Cooper Pauses and Moments. His daughter is worried. Is he simply a complainer, a crab, a grouch? Is he merely a grumbler, a sourpuss, a grump? How can she de-grump him? Good to have such a friend.

Is he a crank?

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How can his daughter de-crank him? Is he a malcontent? How can she get him to some state of contentment? Stress-reducing respiration?

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The suggestion has him bristling. His viscera may yet be getting the best of him — bringing out the worst in him. Visualization What he envisions is a crusade of vigilante revenge and justice. Craves it.