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Since you’ve been gone…

I loved those earrings so much, I wore them every single day. Then one time I wore them to the pool and I lost one. I was not about to leave without attempting to find it.

I put on some goggles and searched the bottom of the pool and I actually found the tiny blue earring! And that my friend, is how I lost them.

I put them away in a drawer and then I moved apartments and somewhere along the shuffle, I lost them forever. Haiku for my Lost Earrings. I had these very cute and very inexpensive faux-silver earrings that were lightning bolt-shaped. I thought they were going to be normal-earring-sized and then I got them in the mail and they were ENORMOUS and hit my shoulders and, like, were just bad-fucking-ass earrings that felt somehow both peak queer hard femme and semi-work appropriate.

I think it probably fell off when I was walking from my office to my car and was swept into a downtown drain or run over by a truck or something. Like so many cheap earrings before them, I now have a single random earring from a pair and I really should invest in those plastic earring backs, huh? So we just wait, the solo earring and I. You need to login in order to like this post: click here.

A Year of Firsts

I had a friend who adorned a lampshade with single earrings! I just keep mine in the same box with the rest of my earrings, so whenever I decide to wear earrings I have to sort through to find which ones actually match. My favorite teddy bear who was a dog! I was five and hiking with my mother and her boyfriend and he sat in my bag looking out at the mountains. And then he was not there anymore. We did the same tour the next day to look for him but did not find him. I got a book dedicated to him as a memory of that holiday and hope he lives a marvelous Walden life now.

since you've been gone

I, on the other hand, became a cat person. My entire box of wigs disappeared from my closet sometime in the second half of The entire box. Where the fuck is it. I have a suspicion that an ex-friend stole the box but I asked them and they said no. When I graduated high school, my grandparents had a present for me. It was a ring box.

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Inside was a black ring with a pattern of silver triangles around it. I thought it looked really cool, although not the look I would have expected them to buy, but sure, I liked it! I picked up the ring and thought it felt unexpectedly light — not that I felt entitled to fancy jewelry from them, but this just seemed odd. I was hardly going to be unappreciative though, so I said thank you very much. My grandfather started snickering and brought out the actual ring, which had my birthstone on it and was much nicer. Nine-ish years ago I was teaching an evening course on a cold evening.

Rings leap off my fingers at the slightest excuse on cold days, so I was being ultra-paranoid about keeping that finger a little bent and paying attention to it.

Parents say

Of course at some point the ring disappeared. I still miss it; it was really pretty and it made me think of my grandparents. When my mother sold the house I grew up in she lost a box with all of the medals and trophies I earned playing multiple sports growing up. I lost a bicycle that was ordered for me at local shop so it can be the right size as the floor model was one size up. At the time I lost it I had ridden it for a while, but the other month decided to ride it again only to see it was missing.

Since You've Been Gone | HuffPost

Pretty sure it was stolen from my garage when we had people over re-doing our floors. Kind of bummed about it as the price was right and good in all conditions. Plus, it a neutral shade of eggshell white with comfortable seat. My white chip. For me, it would have to be a little stuffed Dalmatian — wearing, if I recall correctly, a little fire helmet. I named him Sam, after Fireman Sam, and sat on a bench with him at the London Zoo when I was five or six before promptly leaving him there. And by the time I realized that and we went back to the bench, he was gone!

But if completing the list could lead her back to Sloane, she's got to give it a go, right? This is the perfect summer read about friendship, romance and self-discovery, written with real understanding and humour. The holidays are here and we're celebrating with this list of our favourite books about unforgettable summers. From love stories to dark comedy, these are all tales of memorable and life-changing summer adventures that any teenager will love.

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Iris travels far away to a surfing competition with her boyfriend, Zeke, but when they are both far away from what they know, Iris sees a different side to her boyfriend. Search the site Search term is required. Since You've Been Gone 2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5. Summers to remember: teen reading The holidays are here and we're celebrating with this list of our favourite books about unforgettable summers. Read this book?

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