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Thundershot Su : At 4th level, a stormwalker can wreathe his weapon in lightning. As a standard action, he can grant a single weapon he holds the shock special ability for 1 minute; while under this effect, the weapon counts as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 12th level, weapons affected by this ability gain the shocking burst special ability.

Wind Treader Ex : At 8th level, a stormwalker becomes immune to the effects of strong wind. He can move without hindrance in windy conditions, and his ranged attacks take no penalties from nonmagical wind. This replaces swift tracker.


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Flash Step Su : At 11th level, a stormwalker can move across the battlefield like a bolt of lightning. As a full-round action, he can transform into lightning and move to any unoccupied square within 60 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity. He can make a single ranged attack before or after this movement. You should play in this drawing challenge! Vallovesdragons Student Artist.

Franz Ferdinand is also a band. He has the Aryan symbol. And he looks like an epic Tord Very mixed feelings. Sorry for the late reply, but the name for the cross like symbol is simply the "Iron Cross". Just curious.


Aryan Symbol is a symbol found on the Aryan and Nazi flag. Aryans were considered superior humans and were spared by Nazis. Aryans consist of having blonde hair, blue eyes and a strong body. Ah, I know that symbol.

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I was just curious as to what you exactly meant by the aryan symbol. Also WW2 is kind of my area of expertise when it comes to history so I think his old man would be proud. Rather, I like to believe he'd be proud.

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PriksCreep Hobbyist General Artist. ChamaChello Hobbyist Traditional Artist. PioneeringAuthor Hobbyist General Artist. By the way, it is amazing. Barking Spiders! Plus he has that Austrian swagger to him. Keithwormwood Professional.

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A lot of people don't perceive that old swagger very well, it's too bad! There was push-back on the white cavalry gloves too, so I had to make them black leather in some versions of this piece.

You did an excellent job.