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Physostegia longisepala. Poa sylvestris. Polygala crenata. Polygala hookeri. Potamogeton perfoliatus. Prenanthes barbata.

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Pterocaulon virgatum. Pteroglossaspis ecristata. Quercus arkansana. Quercus oglethorpensis. Ratibida peduncularis. Rhynchospora ciliaris. Rhynchospora compressa. Rhynchospora macra. Rhynchospora miliacea. Rudbeckia scabrifolia.

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Rudbeckia triloba. Ruellia noctiflora. Sabatia arenicola. Salix caroliniana. Samolus ebracteatus.

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Sarracenia psittacina. Scaevola plumieri. Schisandra glabra. Schizachyrium maritimum. Schoenolirion wrightii.

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Schoenoplectus etuberculatus. Schwalbea americana. Scutellaria thieretii. Selaginella ludoviciana. Serenoa repens. Sida elliottii. Sideroxylon reclinatum. Silene subciliata. Sium suave. Smilax auriculata. Stipulicida setacea. Tephrosia hispidula. Thalassia testudinum.

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Thalia dealbata. Thelypteris interrupta.

Tidestromia lanuginosa. Tofieldia racemosa. Tradescantia subaspera. Triglochin striata. Trillium texanum. Triphora trianthophora. Uniola paniculata. Xyris scabrifolia. Xyris stricta. Barrier Island Live Oak Forest. Bayhead Swamp. Bottomland Hardwood Forest.

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Brackish Marsh. Calcareous Forest. Cedar Woodland. Coastal Dune Grassland. Coastal Dune Shrub Thicket. Coastal Live Oak-Hackberry Forest.

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Coastal Mangrove-Marsh Shrubland. Coastal Prairie. Calcareous Prairie. Cypress Swamp.

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Eastern Hillside Seepage Bog. Eastern Longleaf Pine Savannah. Eastern Upland Longleaf Pine Forest. Submergent Vascular Vegetation. Flatwoods Ponds. Fleming Glade. Forested Seep. Freshwater Marsh. Hardwood Slope Forest. Interior Salt Flat. Intermediate Marsh. Live Oak Natural Levee Forest. Macon Ridge Green Ash Pond. Marine Submergent Vascular Vegetation. Hardwood Flatwoods. Mississippi Terrace Prairie. Mixed Hardwood-Loblolly Pine Forest. Pine Flatwoods. Prairie Terrace Loess Forest. Saline Oak Woodland.

Saline Prairie. Salt Dome Hardwood Forest. Salt Marsh. Small Stream Forest. Southern Mesophytic Forest. Spruce Pine-Hardwood Flatwood. Vegetated Pioneer Emerging Delta. Western Acidic Longleaf Pine Savannah. Western Hillside Seepage Bog.