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Scripture: Mark Denomination: Pentecostal. Study Text: Mark 16 : 17 - According to John , everyone born of the spirit is born a living wonder. The name of Jesus can bring anybody out from issues of life. There is healing, protection, blessing in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is anointed, the name of Jesus destroys yokes, demons are subjected to the name. There is counsel in that name so when your soul is troubled, call upon the name of Jesus.

1. Source of joy and strength

The bible calls Him the Prince of peace. With faith in the name of Jesus, there is a change of story for you! When we engage the name of Jesus in faith, miracles, signs and wonders will follow. Whatever the reason and however you came by your name, there is probably no great significance behind your name.

The name of Jesus stands out as a name above all other names. It was a name handpicked by God, Matt. A name that is worthy of further investigation. While God is a God of wrath and judgment, He is purely and wholly love, 1 John ; Therefore, when the Father sent Jesus to come into the world, He was sending a message to humanity.

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It was a message that said, "I have not forgotten, nor forsaken you. I love you and I give you my Son who will reveal me to you. Summer Sermon Series. Everything we do and say is done in his name Col.

What is the Power in the Name of Jesus? - prayer coach

But, it is praying in Jesus' name that I want to bring to the forefront. Jesus has invited, urged, and commanded us to pray in his name and has promised incredible results.

About The Power of the Name of Jesus

John and John are some of the most powerful verses in all of scripture related to prayer. In fact, when most of us pray we conclude with the phrase, "in Jesus' name. When I pray in Jesus' name I come boldly before God because of the power of his name. It would be like a bride coming from abject poverty to marry a wealthy husband. At that point the woman takes the name of her husband and all that entails.

She no longer acts in her name, but in his. Jesus has literally given us his name. When I use that name, I am confessing that he is mine and that I am his. It is like going to the bank of heaven, knowing I have nothing deposited. If I go in my name I will get absolutely nothing. But Jesus Christ has unlimited funds in heaven's bank, and he has granted me the privilege of going to the bank with his name on my checks. We are like the child who picked up a policeman's hat, wandered out onto a busy intersection and began to direct traffic.

The people in the cars followed the child's direction because they respected his position of authority. To pray in his name is to ask by his authority; and to ask by his authority is to ask in accordance to his will as revealed in his word.

7. Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

Jesus' authority rested with his submission to the Father, so our authority rests with our submission to him. To ask in his name is to ask according to his nature, and his nature is one of submission.

click This, by the way, is why prayers that ask for things contrary to the Word of God will never be answered. It is much the same as the legal arrangement known as the power of attorney. In such matters one person may represent another in his absence. They act in their behalf. Jesus has given every believer unlimited and general power of attorney in all matters and with the right to use his name in every situation. When we pray in Jesus' name, we may expect the answer in accord with the value of his name. So we can pray with great and excited expectation.

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