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I found their team to be professional, attentive to my recovery needs, and very caring. Real McCoy Home Care checks all four boxes. Home Care in North Metro Atlanta from experienced professionals who know the area, the culture and the needs of your loved ones.

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We are committed to matching the right caregiver with our clients. A personal caregiver that has the personality, skills, and understands the needs of our client is critical in developing a successful caregiver relationship that is based on trust.

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A home care caregiver you can trust can improve the quality of life, the time families spend together and create a more positive environment for all. Our Privacy Policy.

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He also helped us figure out a good solution for feeding our vegetarian guests, and they all loved their spicy veggie plated meals. He and his staff were punctual, courteous, and went above and beyond in their service for our cocktail hour and reception. Lavell did an amazing job on everything. He was patient and made sure we got to try about 10 different things on our tasting which probably took him the whole day to prepare, including prime rib.

Real McCoy

The day of the wedding he was on point and everyone was complimenting how delicious the food was and every one got their fill. For people all of the food was consistent at the perfect temperature and prepared. We had 3 side along with chicken and prime rib and four cocktail appetizers. Nothing ever ran out, but the leftovers were minimal great job estimating the amount needed.

One big detail that put Lavell over the top is the after party.

Quality Food and Service

The father of the bride wanted to have a little after party at his house with menudo, tamales, and tacos attended by about 50 people. Lavell and his crew worked over time to continue cooking and get the additional food ready. The menudo usually an acquired taste was by far the best anyone had ever had and this was a big Mexican family the tamales dipped in the menudo was the best part.

Just Perfect!

Lavell finally got to take a break at about 2 AM starting at 2 PM. Dedicated, honest, and overall a great chef. Cannot recommend Lavell McCoy enough. During our first conversation with Lavell, he tried to get a feel for our wedding and budget, in which he came back with several unique dinner options spanning many different types of meals well within our budget.

Our guests were also pleased, by the end of the night they had all gone back for 2nd and 3rds while complimenting us on the meal. The Real McCoy Catering gave us a wonderful meal at a very affordable price that was appreciated by all. Every bit of his work was professional, including the phone calls and meetings, the contract, the delivery and presentation.

The Real McCoy's

Our team is made up of a carefully selected group of passionate, hardworking, creative and talented individuals. Our chefs have the technical expertise and experience to execute any demand matched with the creative vision to take things to the next level!

Our servers are determined to creating an unforgettable experience for our you and your guests. They are experienced service industry workers with a passion for incredible food and an unwavering commitment to our clients. Do not hesitate to inform us of any dietary restrictions, allergies or specific food requests.