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How to pronounce worthless? Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian.

Shakespearean, not stirred.

How to say worthless in sign language? Matshona Dhliwayo : Priceless diamonds often shape in worthless dirt. Simone Weil : A science which does not bring us nearer to God is worthless. Popularity rank by frequency of use worthless Had the servant been the most worthless of her sex she could not have been more bitterly upbraided. Synonyms for worthless barren bogus futile inconsequential ineffective insignificant meaningless mediocre pointless unimportant unproductive unprofitable unusable useless abandoned abject base cheap contemptible counterproductive despicable empty good-for-nothing ignoble ineffectual inferior inutile miserable no-account no-good nothing nugatory paltry poor profitless sterile trashy trifling trivial unavailing unessential valueless waste wretched MOST RELEVANT.

Even Shakspere could not keep the love of a worthless woman. The JIC is a cooperative between a vast array of employers that guarantees retraining for workers and eases job transitions. The advantage to member employers is virtue-signaling and presence on a fresh, popular platform. A P2P digital asset selling platform. Women with vocational skills.

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Building the next generation of cryptocurrency derivatives. A regulated platform to buy, sell and trade Coin Traded Indices.

‘I Am Rich and Worthless’

Bullet point news. A platform where target-audience meet online with businesses. Buzz is an employee generated content platform for the workforce seeking the truth about their next role and company! Buzz is a platform to allow it's users to upload content about their day to day job activities in a fun and engaging way. Where can we go in west africa? An application allowing the owners and managers of playful, entertaining establishments to increase their visibility by grouping them together and to provide users with a vote in order to elect the best of them all. Device Collaboration.

An app that endows your all of your devices with the ability to cooperate with each other, e. The laptops can asks if you're hungry for dinner, asks your fridge about its contents then suggests a menu. Your watch chimes in with calories burned today, so the laptop adjusts the menu.

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Shakespearean, not stirred.

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